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ISSN 2782 - 1935 (Online)

Publication procedure

Articles written in a scientific style and representing a description of the original research with a clearly presented goal, hypothesis and the course of its confirmation or refutation are accepted for publication.

A research article implies an original study with a designated hypothesis and the course of its confirmation (or refutation).

A review article is considered to be the result of the work of an author or a group of authors to summarize several researches concerning one particular topic.

Empirical research is a description and analysis of the results; the review of scientific phenomena must be critical; the theory must be original and contain new points of view.

The articles are ought to have a scientific novelty. Please, do not use questionable references and dubious assumptions; all abbreviations are to be deciphered at the first mention.

The article must contain not less than 15 thousand printed characters, including an abstract, keywords, tables, figures and a bibliographic list.

The main requirement for the published material is its compliance with high scientific criteria (relevance, scientific novelty, etc.). The article is desirable to use references to publications of the last 10 years. The journal only publishes materials that are not published anywhere else and have not been transferred to other editorial offices.

The editorial board (EB) has the right to make minor stylistic and formal corrections to the article without the consent of the author(s). If more serious corrections are needed, the EB confers with the authors on that, or sends the article to the author(s) for revision.

The EB does not return manuscripts to the author(s).

Publication procedure