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"Modern Oriental Studies" — an international periodical journal of open access

About the journal

"Modern Oriental Studies" is an international open access periodical journal. The purpose of our scientific publication is to highlight the main scientific achievements in the field of oriental philology, history, culture and philosophy of the East.

Founder of the journal: ANO "Association of Chinese Language Teachers in the Volga Federal District".

Publisher of the magazine: ANO "Association of Chinese Language Teachers of the Volga Federal District"

Year of foundation of the journal: 2019

The tasks of the journal are:
1. Integration and consolidation of the scientific potential of orientalists from Russia and abroad;
2. Coordination and popularization of oriental studies;
3. Ensuring a wide exchange of ideas, experience, research results. The most significant scientific works corresponding to the subject, having scientific novelty and containing materials of the author's own scientific research are accepted for publication in the journal. The journal accepts articles in 8 languages: Russian, English, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese.

Based on the order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation dated July 20, 2022 No. 314-r, the journal is included in the List of the Higher Attestation Commission for 5 scientific specialties and relevant branches of science:

15.6.2. General history (historical sciences);
5.6.7. History of international relations and foreign policy (historical sciences);
5.7.2. History of philosophy (philosophical sciences);
5.9.6. Languages of peoples of foreign countries (Chinese and Turkish) (philological sciences);
5.9.8. Theoretical, applied and comparative linguistics (philological sciences).

Topics of the journal:
- Topical issues of linguistics and linguodidactics;
- Linguistic translation issues;
- Prospects for the development of linguistics;
- Actual problems of intercultural communication;
- Applied research: problems and results;
- Literature in a multicultural environment;
- Applied Sociolinguistics and Political Linguistics;
- History of international relations;
- International relations and foreign policy of the countries of the East;
- International security;
- History and culture of the countries of the East;
- History and philosophy of the Far Eastern civilization;
- Study of the historical, archaeological and religious and cultural heritage of the East.

Open Access Policy

“Modern oriental studies” / «Современные востоковедческие исследования» provides direct open access to its content, based on the following principle: free open access to research results increases the global exchange of knowledge.

All articles of the journal are available to all interested Internet users in full. All content contained on this site is available free of charge to users or organizations. The articles are permitted to be read, downloaded, copied, redistributed, printed, searched for or referenced to, or used for any other lawful purpose, without prior permission from the publisher or author, in accordance with the Budapest Open Access Initiative’s (BOAI) definition of open access.

The full-text version of the the journal’s issues is available in the section "Archive of issues" on this website, on the website of the CyberLeninka library and on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library of the RSCI. Open access publication provides immediate, unimpeded and open access to the full text of scientific articles, which is in the best interests of the scientific community and gives our authors the following benefits:

• high visibility;
• thorough expert evaluation of scientific works;
• fast publication with lower costs;
• guaranteed target, multidisciplinary audience.