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Review of articles about China in the newspaper «Russkoe znamya» (1911)

Abstract. The article presents the results of the analysis of publications of the newspaper «Russkoye Znamya», published in the Russian Empire at the beginning of the XX century. The author examines articles about China published in 1911. The author highlights publications about revolutionary events in China, the struggle of monarchists and reformers. Particular attention is paid to articles on the activities of Yuan Shikai. The role of the newspaper «Russkoye Znamya» in disseminating information about China among the broad strata of Russian society, forming ideas about this country through the prism of the nationalist views of Russian representatives of conservative ideology is noted.

Keywords: Russian Empire, China, the image of China, Russian periodicals, the newspaper «Russkoye Znamya»

For citation: Blagoder Yu.G. Review of articles about China in the newspaper «Russkoe znamya» (1911). Modern Oriental Studies. 2022; 4(2). (In Russ.)

Yuliya G. Blagoder, Kuban State Technological University