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Passive learning of Chinese through appeal to the interests of the learner

Abstract. In recent years, the development of Russian-Chinese relations has been favorable, there has been a turn of Russian policy towards the East, in connection with this, interest in learning the Chinese language is increasing. Today, many Russian universities and schools introduce the teaching of the Chinese language, which gives rise to the need to develop various methods of teaching and learning the Chinese language. Undoubtedly, for better language acquisition, in addition to working in the classroom, auxiliary or passive learning methods should be used. These include reading books, watching movies and TV shows, using applications on smartphones, etc. It is necessary to create an environment that would help master new and consolidate old vocabulary, develop listening and reading skills. Moreover, we consider the interest of students as a key factor in increasing the effectiveness of passive ways of learning Chinese, which will improve students' understanding of the language and increase their motivation.

Keywords. Chinese language, language learning methodology, passive learning, language competencies, smartphone applications

For citation: Mirzieva L.R., Shaikhutdinova E.N., An D.M. The article `title` Passive Learning of Chinese through Appeal to the interests of the Learner Modern Oriental Studies. 2022; 4 (2). P. (In Russ.)

Leisan R. Mirzieva, Evgeniya N. Shaikhutdinova, Darya M. An Kazan (Volga region) Federal University