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The past, the present and the future of Vietnam's oil and gas industry

Natural gas production in Vietnam began in July 1981 (Tien Hai C field), but only after 1995 did it acquire significant industrial scale. Vietnam's oil and gas industry, represented by PVN, has made great strides in oil and gas exploration and production by attracting foreign oil and gas contractors, promoting oil and gas exploration and production. At home, Vietnam is included in the list of oil exporting countries. in the world, and at the same time help to raise the level of science, technology, technology, management and administration, in order to be able to independently manage projects, large-scale, complex geological and technical conditions. In the future, the oil and gas industry will always be development-oriented. Conversion of the Vietnamese Oil and Gas Group into a core group, together with the Vietnam National Petroleum Group and enterprises of all sectors of the economy, to effectively implement the Vietnam Petroleum Industry Development Strategy.

Keywords: Vietnam industry, oil and gas production, history of the oil industry, Vietnam oil industry, PetroVietnam

2 — 2021
Chan Thi Thu Hoai, Anton E. Lestev