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The main trends in the economic development of Shaanxi Province in the 2000s.

One of the problems of China's economic development is the imbalance in development between the western and eastern maritime regions. The eastern regions had great opportunities for development, while the positions of the western regions were much worse, their economic growth was slow. This situation persisted even during the period of Chinese economic reform and rapid economic development of China, when the historically more developed eastern maritime zone was supported by the authorities of China. However, at the moment some western regions are developing dynamically and are closing the gap with the eastern ones. Among these regions is Shaanxi Province, which economic development has significantly accelerated over the past 20 years and is currently catching up with some eastern provinces in its development. The first decade when the dynamics of Shaanxi's development increased significantly was the 2000s. This article examines the nature of the economic development of Shaanxi province in this period, analyzes the main directions of its development and its results at the end of the decade. It also summed up the results that the province managed to achieve in 10 years, noted the problems which existed in Shaanxi’s socio-economic development at the end of the 2000s.

Keywords: economic development, Shaanxi, China, western regions of China, Xibu da kaifa policy