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ISSN 2782 - 1935 (Online)

The History of Chinese Civilization: in 4 vols. Yuan Xingpei et al.; trans. from Ch. edited by I. F. Popova. M.: International Publishing Company "Shans", LLC, 2020. 672 + 608 + 754 + 696 с. ISBN 978-5-907277-68-7. Circulation of 1000 (300 for s

Within the framework of a single review, it is unthinkable to even present a consistent presentation of the information contained in the more than 2000-page compendium of the History of Chinese Civilization. For this reason, the reviewers reflected only those conceptual aspects of this work that are radically different from those accepted in Russian and Western sinology and are close to our intellectual interests. The development of the content of the four-volume book, of course, will continue for a long time, but, as we hope, it will lead to serious discussions and a new understanding of the primary sources and the corpus of historiography.

Keywords: Yuan Xingpei, sinology, history of China, historiography of China, Peking University

2 — 2021
Dmitry Ye. Martynov, Yulia A. Martynova