ISSN 2686 - 9675 (Print)
ISSN 2782 - 1935 (Online)

Gongsun Long-tzu and features of his dialectics

The article examines the figure of Gongsun Long-tzu, as one of the most prominent representatives of the Chinese school of nominalists. Despite the small amount of information about the life of the philosopher and only a few chapters from his work that have come down to us, Gongsun Long-tzu should rightfully be considered as one of the most important materialists and logicians in Chinese philosophy. Born in the era of the Warring States, Gongsun Long-tzu in his discussions did not rely on cosmic images and symbols, but emphasized standard objects that would be understandable to every person. That is why, based on the few chapters that are available, the article will consider the features and techniques with which Gongsun Long-tzu led his disputes and argued in accordance with logic and factual data. In addition, an attempt will be presented to find out whether Gongsun Long-tzu was subject to the DunningKruger effect, which did not allow him to agree with his opponent, or whether he really relied on the principles of "iron" logic, and therefore could not deviate from his principles.

Keywords: Ancient China, Chinese culture, philosophy, Gongsun Long-tzu, materialism, logic

2 — 2021
Gennady I. Dashkin, Anna P. Grosheva